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Web Rebuilding and Redesigning

Internet is a continually evolving world and the opportunities it offers renew constantly. The ways to create a website also evolve, to be able to cover the always increasing needs, providing new features and tools.

The investment you formerly made to a website may no longer satisfy you, because it falls back from this progress. For instance, wonder if your website is compatible and fully customizable with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones!

Our team undertakes the task to rebuild and redesign your old website, giving a new form, not only in appearance but also in functionality and its dynamic!

We commit to study the needs of your website and suggest the changes that will make it fresh and increase its popularity!

Our knowledge, ideas and experience are in your disposal to transform your so far static and non functional website, to the most flexible and dynamic networking tool you could have!

What we do

  • Use of sophisticated CMS platform.
  • Logo redesign or creation
  • Website appearance redesign
  • Responsive Design technique application
  • Content checking, correction and renewal
  • Add new functions and services
  • Development of special applications whenever needed
  • Add content in more languages
  • Renew pictures and photo collection
  • Website entry in search engines
  • Connection with social media (e.g. Facebook)
  • Use of Google Analytics for traffic statistics
  • Watch over the website and intervene whenever needed
  • Transfer the site to a new hosting space (server)

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