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Restaurant and Food Services Websites


The time when we used to choose where to drink our coffee, our drinks or enjoy a meal with friends, based on the opinion of acquaintances who had already done, has passed. Today, we are able to know, ourselves, the place we are going to visit, with the help of the internet.

We note that a growing number of professionals who choose to promote their restaurant, cafeteria or multiplex, through websites, enabling prospective clients to have an opinion about the functionality and decoration, inside and outside the store, menu and prices, before acquainted.

The construction and promotion of a website for restaurants and dining places, requires special knowledge and imagination to combine and awaken all of the visitor’s senses. To give the impression that he is already there. To travel beyond what he sees, smells, tastes and hears, to make him already planning a visit there and even looking forward for it.

And this is exactly what we offer you. Experience, knowledge and imagination!

More Details

  • Elegant design and accommodating browsing environment.
  • Presentation of the company’s benefits.
  • Detailed presentation of the menu, drinks etc.
  • Photos of the store and its surroundings.
  • Detailed information of the area where the firm is located.
  • Booking Request form.
  • Google map and useful navigation information.
  • Detailed contact info and contact form.
  • Upload of articles, events and offers.
  • Automatic send of newsletters.
  • E-mail account creation as
  • Traffic statistics with Google Analytics.
  • Multilanguage support.

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