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Creating promotional video and filming events

It is known that videos occupy a great percentage of the online map and are one of the best online promotional options.

Social media such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. have exclusive videos of any kind and millions of users that visit them on daily basis.

Video is an effective and secure way to view and promote many data, in just a few minutes. It is a very useful tool for businesses, organizations and individuals. However, it loses its glory if the result of image and sound is not stylish and of high quality.

Our team undertakes the creation of videos with top quality of image and sound.

Using state of the art cameras processing machines, in cooperation with industry professionals, we undertake the whole production process, from directing and filming, to the post production.

We create promotional videos for your business, products and services and for every kind of event such as sports and cultural activities, which we also take care of their filming.

The videos we create can be included to your website or your personal file or be shared to your social media profile.

So far we have undertaken comprehensive filming of social, cultural and other events, lectures, conferences and sports events and the creation of documentary for cultural associations and institutions.

See our work and how we transform in sound and image anything you trust us!

Συνεργαστείτε μαζί μας!

Επιλέξτε την ομάδα μας, για την κατασκευή ή την ανακατασκευή της ιστοσελίδας σας και ανακαλύψτε την θετική πλευρά του διαδικτύου.

Live examples!

Since 2011, our team has covered with videos of the major streets sporting event in the Ionian Islands, the Green Half Marathon of Lefkada, held every beginning of the summer in Lefkada. The videos of the race have been screened thousands of times and are the main promotional material used by the organizers to promote the race in Greece and abroad.

Below you can see videos of the first three half marathons in Lefkada and some more videos, that show the quality and excellence of our work, and the passion that characterize us and makes us create for you.

1ος Πράσινος Ημιμαραθώνιος Λευκάδας 2ος Πράσινος Ημιμαραθώνιος Λευκάδας
3ος Πράσινος Ημιμαραθώνιος Λευκάδας 1ος Αγώνας Ορεινής Ποδηλασίας Λευκάδας
Χαραμόγλειος Ειδική Λευκαδιακή Βιβλιοθήκη 50 Χρόνια Νέα Χορωδίας Λευκάδας