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Every user of the internet, other than “surfing” to websites and social media, definitely has at least and e-mail account, that will visit in a daily basis!

On the other hand, any kind of enterprises, associations, organizations and people, need a fast, economical and effective way to keep their clients or members up to date about events, activities and news of their concern and to promote their products and offers.

The newsletter service, is exactly the tool you need that will give you instantly, increase of traffic of your page with what this entails (sales increase, major participation to events and activities etc.).

Our team takes on the design of elegant, well-written in an original way newsletters and their forwarding to your clients and members.

This is with the frequency that you want, to the public of your choice, while in every case it is anticipated and excluded the chance your message to be qualified as spam.

Contact us to create exactly what you need on this dynamic tool, to give the greatest boost to your services and products.

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Below, you can see a simple registration form for our newsletters list. Each registration form adapts to the colors and needs of your websites, to compliment its potential.

Immediately after registration in the newsletters, a confirmation message is automatically sent.

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