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Hotel and tourist accommodation websites


Tourism is perhaps the most quirky and demanding services industry, since the needs required to meet are constantly increasing. Simultaneously, competition creates the need to professionals to promote their services with the most modern methods. The most up to date and effective way is to promote online.

Today’s tourism customers, are no longer satisfied with traditional ways of information about the accommodation and the area they will be visiting for their holidays. They use the internet, to have as much as possible a more complete picture of the product they are interested and demand quality in the services provided. Fast, easy and cheap, they can choose their destination and their accommodation.

Every modern tourist business must, therefore by the needs of the time, to maintain websites, through which it presents its services, providing all the information that modern and demanding customer needs. Technology allows, in every tourism professional, to have in his hands a flexible, competitive and constantly progressing tool, in which will advertise his business to a greater buying public, will communicate with his customers and sell his product, diminishing time and operating costs.

More Details

  • Elegant design and accommodating browsing environment.
  • Accessible from all mobile devices (Responsive Design).
  • Presentation of hotel amenities and rooms.
  • Detailed information of the area where the firm is located.
  • Photos of the hotel, the rooms, the area etc.
  • Reservation form with the ability of online payment.
  • Booking Request form.
  • Google map and useful navigation information.
  • Detailed contact info and contact form.
  • Upload of articles, events and offers.
  • Automatic send of newsletters.
  • E-mail account creation as
  • Traffic statistics with Google Analytics.
  • Multilanguage support.

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