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The most modern and flexible way for your products availability

Online shops (e-shop)


The intense interest of customers for online shops, is constantly increasing. Shopping from an e-shop is easy, tireless and total secure.

Even more companies and stores have dynamic and flexible tool like this, which facilitates the customer and the company.

Give us the chance to offer you our knowledge and ideas, for the creation of original, flexible and easy to manage online shops that will expand your business activities and will offer you all the pros of today’s market.

We create special projects based on the specific needs of each store and short of every opportunity that an e-shop offers, to your benefit.

Take advantage of every possibility and convenience the internet has to offer for your presentation and promotion of your products.

Increase your clientele and manage every function of your online business with simple and imaginative ways.

More Details

  • Elegant design and accommodating browsing environment.
  • Accessible from all mobile devices (Responsive Design).
  • Unlimited categories and multitude of products.
  • Multiple payment and delivery choices.
  • Product search system.
  • Management lists of products and orders.
  • Promotional products operations (printing, offers etc.)
  • Google map with navigation info to your place.
  • Detailed contact info and contact form.
  • Upload of articles, events etc.
  • Automatic send of newsletters.
  • E-mail account creation as
  • Traffic statistics with Google Analytics.
  • Multilanguage support.

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