Our goal is to develop healthy and strong partnerships with our customers, so we provide high quality technical support whenever you need it.

1. Frequently Asked Questions

In our effort to provide high quality technical support, we studied and collected the most frequently asked questions submitted by our customers and responded in detail to each of them. Through the menu “FAQ” of our website, you can find answers to questions and problems you have.

2. Live Chat

For direct communication of our clients with our team, there is available the Live Chat function that appears at the bottom right of our website. Through this service, with a few clicks, our customers can contact us and submit their questions.

3. Customer Support System

We developed a powerful customer support system with the possibility to support requests (support ticket system), in which our technical team responds immediately. All our customers need to do is to register in our system and then submit their requests using the appropriate from.

Immediately, they will receive an email with details of their request. When it is answered, they will receive a new message, informing them of the response and the status of their request, which can be seen when connected to the support system.

Through the support system our customers can check the status of their request, respond to it or even look past their requests. They can also attach files such as photos, word files etc. in order to be received by the appropriate manager of our team.

4. Educational Videos

We create for our customers training videos in which we explain how to manage a website. In this modern way we help them understand how to publish articles on their website, upload photos, create or change the texts and generally any work our customers need to be able to manage their own website.

See an example [clicking here] that shows how to shrink the size of photos to be posted on the website or sent by email.

5. Remote Management

We use sophisticated applications so we can provide to our customers our help, as if we are beside them even if we are miles away!

Using the free app Team Viewer and a unique code that is automatically created by the application, we can connect to the computer of our clients and provide the help they need or even show step by step the way to manage their website.

This application is completely safe and can be downloaded from [here], and you can see instructions for installing it [here]

6. Contact Form

Through the contact form located in the corresponding field of our website, our customers and anyone interested, can contact us to ask questions or even suggestions they may have.