Associations & Organizations Websites

Be widely known for the work and activities of your organization.

Associations & Organizations Websites


Lately, we realize even more often, the active and essential role of associations, clubs and organizations. Collective initiatives are now widespread, their work is particularly important, while they reach a large number of members and volunteers.

A well designed website, is an essential ally in such efforts!

And we have the experience and knowledge to offer exactly what every association needs! The ideal way of promotion of its project, constant updating members and other interested, the promotion of events and activities, the ability for direct communication with other agencies and the public.

With sensitivity and interest, we offer every chance of the internet to the collective initiatives of the associations and we are always next to them for every technical problem they may stumble upon!

More Details

  • Elegant design and accommodating browsing environment.
  • Accessible from all mobile devices (Responsive Design).
  • Presentation of charts and activities of the organization.
  • Detailed information of the area where the organization is located.
  • Photos from activities, charts, events etc.
  • Google map and useful navigation information of the association.
  • Detailed contact info and contact form.
  • Upload of articles, events etc.
  • Automatic send of newsletters.
  • E-mail account creation as
  • Traffic statistics with Google Analytics.
  • Multilanguage support.

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